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Bar Service

Mixers, shakers, strainers, spoons, straws and blenders. You name it – we have it, when it comes to bar equipment.

Mixtec’s roots are in bar service, which is why a majority of our products can be used even for running a large bar. 

From our selection, you’ll find durable and practical solutions for your needs, so you can focus on serving customers.

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Food Service

Food Service offers holistic solutions and quality products for the needs of professional kitchens. Our premium ingredients will allow you to serve customers even more successfully than before.

Mixtec’s own head chef Samuli is here to help create and test solutions specifically for your needs. 

Unique Juice

Unique Juice is our own breakfast juice concept that shines in service. Get tasty high-quality juices, modern devices and regular maintenance – all from one place! 

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Asiakkaidemme kertomaa

Palvelu toimi nopeasti ja saumattomasti, minkä lisäksi sain kokea olevani tärkeä.
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Yhteistyö Mixtecin kanssa on aina ollut sujuvaa ja palvelua on saanut nopeallakin varoitusajalla.
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