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chef Delibon logo


Chef Delibon is created for the needs of a professional kitchen. The products have great quality and competitive prices.

As a brand, Delibon brings together flavor, quality and profitability.

Pure Delibon

Experience the refreshing taste and premium quality of Pure Delibon Lemonade products. Our concentrates are packed with natural flavors and crafted from the finest ingredients, providing a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Millac kasvirasvasekoitteiden ja meijerituotteiden logo


Millac is created for a professional kitchen, with special attention on the needs of a lactose-free diet. Products are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards in the industry. 

Modo siirappien ja pyreiden logo


Finnish Modo syrups, purées and citrus drinks are in a class of their own. Products are manufactured from fresh ingredients and clean, high-quality delicacies.

Rauch mehujen ja nektareiden logo


Raunch is an Austrian family business that has operated since 1919 and is now active in over 90 countries. Since the beginning, Raunch has had a strong focus on quality – from raising the crops to bottling its juice. 



Rubyred is a premium cranberry juice with the highest concentration on the market. 

Unique Juice -logo

Unique Juice

Unique Juice is our own breakfast juice concept that shines in service. You can get tasty quality juices, modern machines and maintenance – all from one place!

VegeSun kasviproteiinituotteen logo


VegeSun offers a wide selection of plant-based protein sources. Products are environmentally friendly and not genetically modified. The brand has also started offering ready-to-use frozen packs for large kitchens.