Food Service

Products for professional kitchens

Designed for professional kitchens

Food Service offers holistic solutions and premium products for the needs of professional kitchens. From our selection, you will find both brands of our own and international brands we represent. We also offer a wide selection of vegan ingredients for warm meals and desserts. 

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Recipe development and test kitchen

Mixtec’s head chef Ville helps create and test solutions that are catered for your needs. We are also able to create fully customized products within the VegeSun product family.

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Dairy products

Millac and Delibon are created for the needs of a professional kitchen. We also provide milk-free options.


Plant-based proteins

Vegesun’s plant-based proteins are created from European GMO-free ingredients. 


Recipe development

With our head chef and test kitchen, we can develop recipes and even create products of our own.


Tomi Valkama

Business Unit Manager

Food Service



Hanna-Malin Johansson

Key Account Manager / Chef

Food Service