Enhanced protection against COVID-19 for personnel and customers 

Customer service assists a large number of people every day, and that’s why maintaining the safety of both employees and customers is essential. OXISKIN® PLUS VIRUS STOP is a disinfectant with an exceptional 2-hour period of effectiveness, which makes it a great choice for these environments.

Regular hand sanitizer only protects momentarily. As a result, many customer service professionals will need to change their gloves and reapply sanitizing products frequently. When applied to hands, OXISKIN® PLUS VIRUS STOP actively destroys any virus or bacteria it comes into contact with for 2 hours. That’s why the product suits customer service, public spaces, restaurants and stores particularly well.

In addition to a pump bottle, the product is now also available as an automatic dispenser, which helps keep employees and customers safe. 

  • Scientifically proven +120 minute protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Effective even against viruses that some hand sanitizers cannot destroy: corona, noro, flu and Ebola
  • Alcohol-free
  • Contains stabilized 3% hydrogen peroxide and deionized water
  • For professional and private use
  • Suits the whole family, including children
  • Winner of Sweden’s best hand sanitizer award in 2020 (Bäst i Test)
  • Already used by Swedish hospitals, e.g. Karolinska Institutet

View our starter packages for automatic dispensers and order products for your company now!

• 1 x automatic dispenser for hand sanitizer
• 15 x Oxiskin®Plus Virus Stop 500ml
Price: 265 € + VAT (approx. 425 €)

• 2 x automatic dispenser for hand sanitizer
• 30 x Oxiskin®Plus Virus Stop 500ml
Price: 495 € + VAT (approx. 850 €)

Get 20% off additional bottles during your contract period, when you purchase a starter package from us (RRP: 15€/bottle)




Oxiskin®Plus Virus Stop 500ml 
Pack of 15 
Price: 225€ + VAT

Oxiskin®Plus Virus Stop 500ml
pump bottle
Pack of 15
Price: 225€ + VAT

Oxiskin®Plus Virus Stop 100 ml
Pack of 30
Price: 237€ + VAT


If you would like to order multiple dispensers or packs, please let us know in your message field. You can also get more information and submit your order through tilaukset@mixtec.fi